Here’s my collection of links about the cyberpunk. You can find way more info in the forums and imageboards.

what is cyberpunk?

cyberpunk manifesto

cypherpunk manifesto

hacker manifesto

asciipunk manifesto

really cool, clean list of resources

The cyberpunk directory

The biopunk directory

first apperance of the word ‘cyberpunk’

Neuromancer by William Gibson

  • the book that started it all

some books there, Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun

The Return of the Well Cultured Anonymous

  • great book, read it. no, seriously, read it. all of it.

Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore Kaczyński, 1995

  • absolute must read

lain zine

  • quality content, fresh info, great idea

Postmodern Culture (PMC) electronic journal

4chan’s /g/ wiki

  • great place, but a little bit outdated


link aggregator for cyberpunk-related content

  • essentials, books, movies, games, anime, tv, music, philosophy
  • looks like it wasn’t updated for some time

another collection of useful resources and links

and another one

nice looking site with frequent updates and lot of posts

  • you can buy there really cool stuff

Interface Magazine

  • link aggregator for interesting articles

news site

Cybersecurity essentials

Cybersecurity resources

cyberpunk’s database / library

  • lots of content with links to other great places

Beyond Cyberpunk / a do it yourself guide to the future

  • quite old, but full of resources, links, texts

lots of very interesting files

  • the biggest collection you can get from one place (over 400GB of documents)

quite big art gallery

8ch /cyber/ tv guide

the official cyberpunk forum

  • still alive

another forum, but this one looks better


very active site with lots of posts and reviews

  • great for visitng from time to time
  • big collection of music, books etc

one of many cyberpunk imageboards

  • very active

search for Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General threads

  • another great imageboard
  • even more active

another imageboard

  • not much going on there

nicely looking imageboard

even more nicely looking imageboard

  • high quality threads and discussion without trolls

funky looking textboard

  • not very useful


  • mostly pics