Ideas are cheap.

Here’s my list of them, few of which might be cool.
You can use any of these, but please tell me if you do.
I might update it in the future. Or not, I don’t know yet.


  • game ideas generator
  • Airfix DogFighter clone (OpenGL?/WebGL?/Mobile?)
  • RPG/RougeLike game in Pixel art / ASCII art (use REXPaint/libcaca)
  • Logic games such as match solver, sudoku solver etc, (ML? Game Theory?)
  • Game based on characters created by SM
  • Oscilloscope music game Pictures from Sound
  • Pool party game clone (reaaaaly cool game!, Gramytatywnie 2014?, webapp?)
  • Pacman clone (over ssh? multiplayer? something like that)
  • CS 1.6 clone (based on own engine?)
  • Ludium dare / gamejams (the real bootcamp ones?)
  • Isometric fallout game (inspired by Fallout 1)
  • Fourth dimention game (puzzle game? pls do!)
  • Bounce clone (this old 2D game from nokias. Do not touch the original movement physics!)
  • skijump clone
  • more classic games (Mario, Tanks, old stuff)
  • discorunner (Pyrkon 2015?)
  • RPG game about magic and stuff mostly based on the book “Nauki Tajemne w Dawnej Polsce” - Mistrz Twardowski
  • El Dorado (2D top down shooter rougelike game)
  • ragdoll game where you jump from a slope in a shopping cart
  • steampunk game? instead of androids use automatas
  • borderlands like game with a huge guy holding V12 chainsaw

Web apps:

  • Feature request - post a cool feature that you would like to see in some program, share and like? idk
  • Hen Linge translator - fictional language from the Wither universe by A.Sapkowski (would be very coool)

Low level:

  • OS (TempleOS for a start or something easy)
  • Full featured game engine with vulkan support (Sorse? Multi platform? No depedencies?!)
  • Game of life with GPU support and huge performance (just a stress test)
  • Games for Commodore 64 (C64Debugger,
  • BBS Server, a lot of old software
  • 4chan browser in terminal, use this fancy lib for displaying media in terminal (really put a lot of work into this, its a great idea)
  • dwm/suckless software patches, extensions etc
  • HA-3 virus (Ghost in the Shell reference)


  • Line follower (Theese optical sensors are still waiting for me…)
  • bluetooth fun, bt->fm transmitter? plugin for old cassete radios?
  • lab power supply (ATX? something better? AVR inside? temp and stuff?)


  • Distraction free app - turn everything off, basically make the smartphone dumb again
  • vegan butcher (fruit ninja clone)
  • ballon tapping game that works like piano tiles (Rick and Morty, Jerry played it often on his tablet at the dinner)


  • Graphical pattern generator based on stupid-raytracer,
  • IRC/facebook/twitter/reddit/other IM platform bot
  • Dotfiles generator for ricing
  • Marker extended markdown based on syntax from github’s markdown, dokuwiki and other text formats
  • OpenNotes/FreeNotes/LibreNotes - notes about everything I’m interested in as public domain knowledge thats easy to learn