I wanted to make something new. I wanted to test myself - can I still learn and adapt quickly in new environment? Can I just create something without any preparation?

I considered few languages:

  • ruby, because I really want to learn it. It just seems so fun to write in! But I’ve already made two web apps (in python) so maybe later,
  • javascript, because I want to convince myself to frontend and try to learn it at some level so that I don’t find myself fighting with it just as I was fighting with CSS a while back.
  • java, because it seems like an easy language to write in

And so the decision was made - java looks the most interesting so I picked it but to make things harder I’ve also chosen the android as my target platform.

I don’t know anything about java except its syntax from reading few source files and general object oriented rules. I also didn’t knew anything about android but fortunately the Android Studio took care of the build process which is always the hardest thing for me. Here, it just worked.

After an hour or so I was ready to write some code! And I did - I’ve played a little with activities, buttons and general introduction stuff. When I’ve got bored of it I decided to create a simple game but without any framework. The reason behind it was that I wanted to learn how to use android libs, not some frameworks’ libs.

After few afternoons I’ve created rough base of the game which I then expanded mostly with random values because I didn’t had any good idea for the gameplay. Eventually it came out to be boring and too unpredictable but I didn’t cared about it.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Not too interesting, right? Well, there isn’t much to write about as the game is basic but I might write another one which will be more entertaining.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed creating it. The environment wasn’t too hostile and the IDE did a lot of stuff for me so I didn’t had to care about it. Unfortunately, android emulator took a lot of RAM and CPU usage so the debugging process was annoying, but I guess that I can fix it with more RAM.

You can find the source code for this app in this github repo.