I’m bad at design, like, really really bad, but I’m also quite stubborn so I styled this blog so long until it looked nice to me.

So when the time came to finally publish my site I needed to quickly fix it up and release it to the world, easy enough, right? Well… I was wrong. Very wrong.

I wanted to try out bootstrap first, but it was too feature rich and heavy, so I began my two-day journey on searching the perfect lightweight framework.

I went trough many of them, and each one of them was bad for me:

  • bootstrap was too heavy,
  • pure felt too raw,
  • min was even more severe,
  • cardinal had weird docs,
  • skeleton practically didn’t have docs.

And then I’ve found the spectre which looked so great that I was instantly hooked up!

While I was on my invention-wave I quickly created some test pages, but I felt into the first trap - trying everything at once without understanding how it works before. I quickly lost there a few hours without gaining much knowledge.

When I realized, that I can’t progress this way, I changed my plan to copying original docs as my template, but this was another trap - project’s page had its own separate stylesheet next to framework so page used many of functionalities not available in default framework.

After few solid hours of procrastination, I started to force my way trough CSS just so I could end this battle.

And finally, at 3 am I have finished most of my page and it looked quite good!

In summary, I think that front end is definitely not for me, I just don’t enjoy it, because it’s like a never-ending battle. I even noticed one funny thing - it was easier for me to write this blog from the ground up in python than creating a style sheet for it, even trough it took more time, it still was easier and way more enjoyable.

TL;DR I suck at web design and frontend :)

Note: Thats an old article describing by first blog written in Django few years ago. You can still find its ugly code on my github, but I advise you against that for your own safety ;)