Once upon a time I wanted to have a blog, but I din’t knew how to do it properly. I only knew that I need some blogging app for showing my posts to the world and some time to make it run correctly.

Unfortunately, I’m always too ambitious so I went with propably the stupidest idea I could have - I’ve written my own blogging platform and I’ve deployed it on my own server. I had zero experience in writting web apps (seriously), and only a little more in doing stuff with server. To make things worse I really wanted to make it cool by doing frontend by myself. This of course ended up badly because I really suck at web design, and I’ve never published any posts.

I’ve made it run for quite a while but overall it was a rather painful experience. On the other side I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed Django so much that I’ve played with it for longer.

The second time I accually thought I knew what I wanted to do! That’s a big change in comparation with my previous attempt. First off, I’ve used a framework for the frontend which I should’ve done in the first place. The second big change was the platform - I’ve tried to keep it simple and static, which was also a great idea because I didn’t had to worry about weird requests to my server or bugs in my app. But there was one problem - me. I struggled a lot with writting. Simple posts took many hours to write and in the end I still haven’t published them. It was funny accually because nobody was reading it anyways but it still kept me in hold.

Now its time for my last try at blogging. I’ve learned a lot over this time. I’ve also came upon amazing book written by Andrzej Krzywda called “Blogging for busy programmers” which completely changed my point of view.

I can safely say that I’m doing this again because of Him, and I also hope that this will work out in the long run too.